Tuesday, June 14, 2011


a half a year in recap... I finished the legs on my first giraffe, although slight modifications need to be made to make the hind legs seem more like 2 legs than just one. The second giraffe is underway.. This is a very long spread out project.

To the left(or so), is a sketch book that I made for one of my classes in my final semester at college! Here is a picture of the binding on the book. We were supposed to do a traditional binding, but traditional just isn't my style. The book is fairly easy to make. you just paint on 2 canvases one for the inside and one for the outside. You then cut Davy board and glue it to the canvases using PVA glue, this works best. (if you want specifics on sizes I can provide them, I just don't have them right in front of me). For this particular project we had to make our clasp involve metal and we were required to rivet the metal to the book.

The next book we made had to have a metal front and back cover, and you had to patina, sauder, and use rivets. I designed a sailboat and decided that the mast was going to be saudered to the Main Sail. and everything else was to be riveted on to the metal. First I had to cut the metal. Second, I had to patina the background metal, and since I was making a boat it was only appropriate to patina it blue. I made a mixture of ammonia, Styrofoam, salt, and those spiky balls that come off trees into a Tupperware container, let it sit for a couple of day and you have blue metal with a funky texture. I also patina-ed the hull of the boat so that it would be brown. The hull was just soaked in an antiquing solution for only 5 mins or so. While the patina process was going on I was saudering the mast onto the mainsail. Once all that was done I was able to rivet all the pieces onto the blue metal. At the top you will see 8 rivets, 2 pairs of four, this is for Coptic binding.

If you found my website because you want to learn how to do Coptic binding, please comment, I couldn't find anywhere online that explained it very well. I marbleized the paper that went on the inside of the book. Here are some nice pictures of the whole book.

...Also, My dog was spayed
but she is still the cutest thing ever...